Hello world!

What compels a person to start a blog? I can’t speak for the thousands (millions?) of other bloggers out there, but here are my top ten reasons in no particular order:

1)    It sounds like fun

2)    Public accountability #1: If I tell the world I’m writing a young adult novel, hopefully I will be publicly shamed into finishing it (it’s worth a try, right?)

3)    Procrastinate when I should be writing my book

4)    Public accountability #2: If I tell people I’m going out for a run, I kind of have to do it, right?

5)    I am vain enough to think that someone somewhere will want to read my random musings

6)    I can shamelessly plug my entry in this photo contest and urge you to vote for me

7)    Connect with other people who never quite outgrew age 15

8)    Solicit travel suggestions and ideas

9)    Meet interesting people

10) I like lists

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. anonymous says:

    this looks like a great blog! can’t wait to read more posts.

  2. pesia says:

    i’m super excited about this blog!

  3. Tonito says:

    Love the tag under the blog name! Reminds me of lecturer I had at university who instead of “Diagram” in tables would write “Pretty Picture with arrows and stuff”! Thanks for making reminisce! 🙂

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